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La Iglesia Bautista Peters Road en Plantation ha llamado a David Lema como pastor principal luego de la reciente jubilación del Pastor Heberto Becerra.]]>
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Jacksonville pastor: ‘a man with a giving heart’ https:///jacksonville-pastor-a-man-with-a-giving-heart/ https:///jacksonville-pastor-a-man-with-a-giving-heart/#respond Wed, 26 Feb 福彩app官方下载 13:38:14 +0000 https:///?p=29578 flbaptist

Following in the footsteps of New Testament encourager Barnabas, Victor Reyes is a source of encouragement and community to Jacksonville’s 20 Hispanic churches, many of which are led by bivocational pastors and embrace multiple nationalities within their congregations.]]>
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Yulee Church Tackles Local Hunger https:///yulee-church-tackles-local-hunger/ https:///yulee-church-tackles-local-hunger/#respond Mon, 24 Feb 福彩app官方下载 13:05:41 +0000 https:///?p=29544 flbaptist

Even as new growth overwhelms Yulee, hunger continues to be a reality. Yulee Baptist Church is helping tackle this issue, providing a robust, on-going food ministry to aid their community.]]>
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Florida Baptists reap spiritual benefits from fasting https:///florida-baptists-reap-spiritual-benefits-from-fasting/ https:///florida-baptists-reap-spiritual-benefits-from-fasting/#respond Thu, 20 Feb 福彩app官方下载 13:20:42 +0000 https:///?p=29535 flbaptist

Danny Bennett, and his wife Karen, are devoted to the spiritual discipline of fasting, having practice it one day a week for the past 15 years. As he sought to instill the benefits of the biblical exercise within his congregation, the campus pastor of Calvary Church - East Lake in Tarpon Springs led 70 members through the Daniel Fast program this past October.]]>
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David Lema called as pastor of Plantation church while continuing in seminary role https:///david-lema-called-as-pastor-of-plantation-church-while-continuing-in-seminary-role/ https:///david-lema-called-as-pastor-of-plantation-church-while-continuing-in-seminary-role/#respond Wed, 19 Feb 福彩app官方下载 14:19:23 +0000 https:///?p=29539 flbaptist

Peters Road Baptist Church in Plantation has called David Lema as lead pastor following the recent retirement of Pastor Heberto Becerra.]]>
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Young Orlando church ‘plants pregnant’ in Leesburg https:///young-orlando-church-plants-pregnant-in-leesburg/ https:///young-orlando-church-plants-pregnant-in-leesburg/#respond Thu, 06 Feb 福彩app官方下载 13:31:15 +0000 https:///?p=29373 flbaptist

Planting pregnant. This is what Cam Triggs, church planter and lead pastor of Grace Alive church in Orlando, calls it when a young church plant sends out another planter before reaching its own self-sufficiency.]]>
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New pastor reaps benefits from beloved predecessor https:///new-pastor-reaps-benefits-from-beloved-predecessor/ https:///new-pastor-reaps-benefits-from-beloved-predecessor/#respond Tue, 04 Feb 福彩app官方下载 13:00:17 +0000 https:///?p=29244 flbaptist

While many pastors might attest to the challenges of leading a church following a long-tenured predecessor, Nick Manzie, pastor of Central Baptist Church  in Port St. Lucie, has a different story to tell.]]>
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SUPER BOWL: NFL veteran’s Sundays take on new focus https:///super-bowl-nfl-veterans-sundays-take-on-new-focus/ https:///super-bowl-nfl-veterans-sundays-take-on-new-focus/#respond Wed, 29 Jan 福彩app官方下载 13:19:08 +0000 https:///?p=29265 flbaptist

Daryl Jones knows what it's like to get ready for Sundays. As a wide receiver in the NFL in the early 2000s, he played four seasons for the New York Giants, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.  But this Sunday, as the eyes of the world turn toward America's biggest football game, Jones is getting ready for an even bigger Sunday. Less than 20 minutes away from Hard Rock Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LIV, Jones will preach the Gospel at The Rock Fellowship Church, a church he planted in Miami in 2016.]]>
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First Palmetto: Unleashing missionaries for service https:///first-palmetto-unleashing-missionaries-for-service/ https:///first-palmetto-unleashing-missionaries-for-service/#respond Wed, 29 Jan 福彩app官方下载 12:49:09 +0000 https:///?p=29219 flbaptist

Adopting and serving a struggling church in their area; being “hands and feet” for a woman needing assistance for a new wheelchair-friendly vehicle for her son; providing partial funds for mission trip volunteers; dedicating multiple times a year to loving and unleashing church members to serve their community.]]>
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Pastè Ayisyen yo tranpe Defi 2025 yo nan priyè https:///paste-ayisyen-yo-tranpe-defi-2025-yo-nan-priye/ https:///paste-ayisyen-yo-tranpe-defi-2025-yo-nan-priye/#respond Tue, 28 Jan 福彩app官方下载 13:27:33 +0000 https:///?p=29224 flbaptist

Anviwon 60 pastè Ayisyen ansanm ak madanm yo te jwen akouraman Tommy Green ki se Direktè Ekzekitif ak Trezorye Konvansyon Batis Florid la pandan l tap prezante vizyon sou Defi 2025 yo nan yon yon rankont jou ki te 16 janvye a nan Sant Rejyonal Sidès la  nan Aleya.]]>
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